IEV 2007

Constitutional Change

Annual Symposion of the
Institute for European Constitutional Sciences
(Institut für Europäische Verfassungswissenschaften IEV)
June 15. and 16. 2007

Prof. Dr. Arthur Benz und Dr. Nathalie Behnke and the IEV

The conference aims at discussing issues of constitutional change and constitutional politics within a broad framework, at identifying relevant problems in the process of constitutional change and at developing perspectives for empirical and theoretical research. In this ambition, the conference is meant to be a starting point for the establishment of an interdisciplinary and international research network on “Constitutional Change”, linking different perspectives and looking for answers to the questions how constitutional changes come about and which causal links exist between certain types of problems of constitutional politics and certain patterns of constitutional change. In the first part of the conference (panels I and II), the different disciplinary perspectives on the topic are to be introduced, opening a discussion on commonalities, overlapping interests and limitations of the perspectives. The second part of the conference (panels III to V) is focused on constitutional change in multi-level systems. The presentations in those panels should provide exemplary evidences of processes of constitutional change by selecting particular cases which display typical (or very atypical) patterns of problems, actors and constitutional elements subject to change. From this comparative perspective, preliminary lessons can be drawn about the mechanisms which govern processes of constitutional change, and a future research agenda can be designed.

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